Civitella Marittima

Sagra dell'Alta Maremma

A fixed appointment in the calendar of Civitella Marittima, a fraction of the municipality of Civitella Paganico, is the Alta Maremma Festival. A gastronomic event aimed at promoting the typical products of this area of Tuscany. The event takes place every year in August (except for any program changes) and offers not only good food, but also shows, live music and historical re-enactments of ancient crafts and objects of the past. The event is very popular in this location so much so that there is also a shuttle service that connects the hamlets of the municipality for this occasion.

The Sagra dell’Alta Maremma, as the name suggests, is an event aimed at enhancing the best of the local gastronomic culture and the ancient traditions that are still handed down in the villages of this cross-section of Tuscany. Civitella Marittima becomes a spokesperson through this inviting kermesse of Maremma culture, staging a show with genuine and ancient flavors.

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