Casal di Pari

Sagra della Salsiccia

As per tradition, the last weekend of September, in the medieval village of Pari, in the middle of the Grosseto hills that separate the Sienese from the Maremma, a gastronomic event is held that hands down the traditions of the area, the Sausage Festival.

There are many gastronomic specialties to taste during the festival; first of all, the typical Parisian sausage. In addition to this, there will be other delicacies such as polenta alla boscaiola, tagliatelle with wild boar, grilled parisian and porcini mushrooms and more.

The food stands remain open from Saturday to Sunday for both lunch from 12:30 and dinner from 19:00. During the two days of celebration there are events such as live music and dance in the square in the evening, and there are also stands for the sale and tasting of the excellent local products that this wonderful borderland offers.

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