Sagra della Granocchia

The Granocchia Festival is a historic event that takes place every year between the end of August and the beginning of September in Paganico, a hamlet of the widespread municipality of Civitella Paganico. This splendid medieval village built in the thirteenth century by the will of the Sienese in order to control the Ombrone valley is the stage where one of the most long-lived and particular festivals of the Maremma is held. The celebration sees its culminating moment in the Palio della Granocchia, with each district choosing their champions who will have to run along a path traced inside the historic center pushing a wheelbarrow containing three frogs. The winner is the one who arrives first to the finish line without losing the toads along the way. The challenge is held between the four districts into which the village of Paganico is divided: Centro, Porta Gorella, Porta Grossetana and Rione Porta Senese.    of September and is the event that closes the cycle of appointments of the Granocchia festival.

From the street the competition between the districts of Paganico moves between the stoves with the gastronomic battle Rioni in Cucina. Since 1998 the four districts have been competing with dishes all cooked with frogs or as they call them here “Granocchie”. During the festival, moreover, the usual historical procession also takes place, with dozens of figures in period costumes, while the evening is the Barranocchia to animate Paganico with live musical performances. In the streets of the historic center of Paganico on this occasion there are craft markets and an exhibition of ancient crafts, a journey into the popular culture that made this small land great.

The event is organized and promoted by the ProLoco di Paganico in collaboration with the volunteers of the town and the 4 districts.

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