Casal di Pari

Sagra del Porcino

The Porcino Festival is a gastronomic event that takes place in the hamlet of Casal di Pari in the municipality of Civitella Paganico in the province of Grosseto. This event, held every year between September and October, celebrates what is considered the king of the forest here: his majesty the Porcino mushroom. Since 1975, the Casal di Pari Proloco has been organizing this traditional event. Porcino is a renowned ingredient that grows right in the woods adjacent to the Casal di Pari countryside and over the years the local population has managed to make the most of this product by making it the protagonist of many traditional dishes. The most particular recipe is the fried mushroom, a unique gastronomic experience, which has become a symbol of local cuisine.

Photo Gallery Sagra del Porcino

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