Civitella Marittima

Sagra del Buco Unto

The Sagra del Buco Unto is a historical event that takes place every year in November in the hamlet of Civitella Marittima in the municipality of Civitella Paganico. This event with its very particular name is linked to very goliardic and original ancient beliefs. The “Buco Unto” is the Civitellino, according to the tradition handed down from father to son: the inhabitants of this town, the civitellini, always wore pants soiled with “grease” right at the bottom of the back. This characteristic, albeit bizarre, element that has become a distinctive feature over the years was due to the fact that once upon a time the population cleaned their shoes with “suet” (fat) and when  they went to kneel in church during mass, the heels of their shoes beat against the back of their trousers, making them dirty right at the bottom. Other stories instead tell that given the high presence of oil mills in the town, oil was a constant in the life of the civitellini, so much so that they were constantly “greased” even in the clothes they wore. 

That of Buco Unto, despite the particularity of the name, is a festival with typical Maremma flavors, which pays homage to two of the most popular local products: Novello wine and Novel oil. Inside the festival you will find beautiful markets with many handicrafts, food stands where you can taste the local oil and wine, but also games, shows and live music. A party that attracts more and more people and artists from all over Tuscany and beyond. The Sagra del Buco Unto is a tribute to the truthfulness and goodness of the agricultural products produced in the countryside of this specific area of the Maremma.

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